Wednesday, April 30, 2014

                                      " A bumpy hill, a barren desert,
                                        Life goes on swirling dirt
                                        A beautiful lake, a flowery road,
                                        Life goes on leading to the heavenly abode.."

Day 1
He is tired. He still has work to do before he sleeps. He glances at his watch. It is almost one in the night. He texts her  "Are you awake?" doubtful of a reply. However a reply comes soon " About to sleep". A faint smile appears on his face and he gets back to work.

Day 2
Peter chugged an entire beer. Emily is dancing all around the place. Jared is blasting on a peppy number. The party is great , the party is in full swing. He flicks through a photo album in his phone. Amidst all the photos of her, there is a photo of them- together. He glances at it for a while. Now he feels great, now he feels at place.

Day 3
Another hard night at work. It is six in the morning, by the time he is done. As his eyes droop down, he steadies himself. Maybe he should get some coffee. He is meeting her for breakfast at eight.

Day 4
A long long fight. Of course she is wrong. She does not make sense.... ever. He closes his eyes for a moment of peace. An image of her beautiful smile flashes by. He calls her....." Sorry, it is all my fault"

Day 5
She texts him
" I am so excited. Finally Jack and I will be in the same city. I missed him dearly"
An hour later, another text
" I am leaving for airport in thirty minutes. Will you be coming to give a send off?"
Now she calls. A few more times.
Finally, another text
" I really wanted to meet you before I left. I will miss you"

He closes his eyes, a silent tear flows down.

                                      " Life goes on, it always does
                                        Days of sunshine are plenty and abundant,
                                        But when I have to survive, when I have to fight,
                                        Your happiness will be my absolute delight"