Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Fair Lady

                                 Maggie's phone beeped. Its a text from Steel,
                                               " Up for the night ?"

The text confused her a little. Steel never really texts her, and definitely not so late into the night. Steel is Lillian's fiance. To call him a friend would be an overstatement. He is just a person she come across some weekends, when she and  Lillian sit together to have a good beer and chat about every other nonsensical thing in the world. Today had been one such day.
                                  " What's happening tonight?" she texted back.
                                  " Anything can happen. All you need to do is ask" came a fast reply.

Maggie was a bit taken aback.
                                 " Did you text a wrong person? "

The reply was not so fast this time,
                                 " You are such a tease Maggie. With those words, and with those deep neck dresses. Maggie, just say it and I am all yours for the night, my hottie."

Maggie stared at the text. Disbelief, anger, numbness....
The more she absorbed the text, the more she felt grossed out. Steel, Lillian's fiance... Steel, a guy whom she never really noticed... Steel, who just texted her to have sex....
                                 " Are you kidding me? Are you totally out of your mind?"   Her whole body trembled. Trembled with anger at Steel, and ... deep neck dresses he said. She looked in the mirror. She stared at her dress.

                                 " Of course I was kidding. I can never look at you that way" came a reply. An other text followed immediately,
                                 " Let us not mention this to Lillian though. You know how she is. She can never understand jokes. "

She continued staring into the mirror.  She did not see a woman in a deep neck dress. Tease? Hottie?? Rather she saw a confident woman, a confident woman in a well fitted dress. She is not a rule-book-woman; those woman who dress conservatively, never speak out their mind and cannot protest against abuse. She is a woman who knows what she wants, speaks out her mind when needed and can definitely kick someone in their balls if they misbehave.

She closed her eyes. Lillian will probably be free tomorrow at 5......

                                       " Not a thing, to be possessed
                                         Nor a piece ,to be exploited
                                         For she has feelings, real and just;
                                         My fair lady, you deserve the best"

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