Saturday, November 1, 2014

She smiled, He smiled, She smiled

                       "This is my most favorite place in the town" he said as he leaned back on to the cold marble stone on top of the tiny hill. She leaned back on the stone too, side of him. A million stars can be seen, gleaming in the beautiful summer sky.
                        " The stars make me feel small, insignificant. It makes me feel really good" he said. She did not understand how insignificance can make him feel good. However, his words made her smile. A town clock sounded in the distance , announcing the descent of midnight. He looked at her and an involuntary smile spread over his face. He closed his eyes, taking in her scent. She smelled of jasmine, it reminded him of a beautiful dream.

                        " How was your day?"  he asked.
                        " The usual" she replied " I finally got done with the analysis report. Big load off the plate" she stretched her hand towards the sky. If felt soo relaxing. 
                        " How was yours ?" she asked.                  
                          Before he could answer, his phone started ringing.  He looked at the phone screen for a moment and cut the call.
                         " Its Raj" he said. " I think he wants to discuss over our collaborative project" 
                         " You should have picked up the call" she said turning slightly towards him.
                         " I can talk to him later" he said, moving slightly closer towards her. His phone rang again. This time, he switched it off without looking at the screen.

                         A tiny smile crept up her lips. " Whom do you like the most? Your mom or dad?" she asked looking at the sky. Dark clouds started forming in the sky.
                        " Mom of course" he said instantly. She looked at him amused. " I like my dad too" he said with a reassuring smile. " Family is the important thing to me in this whole world. My mom, my dad, my sister, my brother.. they mean the world to me. If anyone ever think of hurting them, I will kill them "                    
                       It started drizzling lightly.
                       " I think we should go" she said as she picked up her phone. He got up slowly, feeling the rain drops on his face.  " I will not let anyone hurt you too" he said quietly.  She pretended not to hear him . They walked back quickly towards her place, as the rain started gaining momentum.
                       " Have a good night " she said as she handed him an umbrella  standing on her door step. The rain is now pouring in heavily.
                        " Take care" he replied as he casually touched her waist.
                        As she closed the door, a big smile spread on her face. It felt nice, it felt like the start of something beautiful...

                         He reached his house, a smile lingering on his face. He knew what is going to happen. Brushing his wet hair aside , he switched on his phone. There were 7 voice mails and 10 messages, all of them from Radhika. Before he could look through any of them, his phone rang again,
                         "Radhika" he said over the phone, his smile widened.
                         "Where were you? I was tensed? Why was your phone switched off? I missed you" sounded an anxious female voice from the other side of the call.
                         " Sorry baby. I was in a meeting with Raj. We were discussing about our collaborative project. I think the battery was low and the phone got switched off"  he paused,
                                             " How was your day?" ...