Tuesday, July 14, 2015


   All the world's a stage
   and all the men and women are merely players
   " Ah Shakespeare!" nodded the wise of everyage
   simple truth, forgotten under benighted layers

   And one man in his time plays many parts
   his act being seven ages
   Tho never alone; even the hardest of hearts
   Kin, comrades, enemies; as he moves through his stages

   The players enter his life, in their own unique way
   Slide in smiling, or maybe dawdle in despair,
   Maybe come looking for refuge as they wander lost, far astray
   or just stroll in the corner, minding their own affair

   Each makes their entrance, each in their own unique way
   Creating memories, memories of comfort and pain
   Some say eternity, with many promises to stay
  But when the stage unfolds, promises die in vain

   Cause all men and women are merely players
   They enter only to play their part
   and then they should exit: Either leave forever
   or change, become unrecognizable to heart